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Talent Acquisition and augmentation

Let us help you to free up internal resources, lower operating costs, and increase operating efficiency. We can bring in the expertise and experience to your existing team.
Not any more sleepless nights thinking about the high profile, highly challenging, high-priority IT projects. We assure you to complete them on time within budget and that too without increasing your IT department headcount. An impossible dream? Not when we are on your side. Try us… call us at 732 377 3476 or write to us at
Most of the business houses think that IT department possess superhuman abilities, the way they're challenged to the limit by competing priorities and new requirements by internal and external stakeholders. Flagship projects and its impossible timelines and deliverables, heaped onto IT department’s plates that are already full.
Hiring fulltime additional resources frequently is not feasible and not approved, learning curve of the new hire and HR headaches are least welcome in a time and resource constraint environment. BUT you have an alternative, augmenting your staff with our experienced IT talents, zero learning curve and no more missing deadlines. Hire us only on an as-needed basis.

Our World Class Technical talents can help you fill a need - whether one-time, occasional, or ongoing. We have a deep, rich pool of experienced IT professionals that are available as consultants or as integrated team members. Skill areas range from Senior IT project manager to hands on junior developer.
We pride ourselves on our nimbleness, our ability in understanding complex technology problems without affecting the project schedule. Through our extensive experience with talent acquisition and augmentation we’ve refined the process of supplying the right resources at the right price for every project. No wasted effort, no spinning wheels.
Service offered through TCTI

  • Project management
  • Business Analyses
  • Software development
  • Quality assurance
  • UNIX system administration (Solaris, AIX, HP/UX, Linux)



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