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We are sure you don’t want to go through zillions of overseas outsourcing vendor evaluations, bidder’s conferences, and midnight teleconferences.  Even then, can you trust some one with your business who does not even speak your language?
Times are hard now, we are living through an age of austerity, we all need to move on, survive the crisis by developing new products and increasing the productivity in a cost effective way. TCTI has the answer for you; we work on your time, speak your language, and follow the global standards in development methodologies and business processes.   
Our outsourcing centers are filled with cream of the IT and project management talents, they have worked around the world with fortune 100 companies, they know you, they understand your need and they can fulfill your requirements than anyone out there. No communication hurdles, it’s not a virtual team, it’s a team in the other building” Try us… call us at 732 377 3476 or write to us at

Initially it was challenging for us to completely outsource the cold storage CRM solution for ACC Inc, but glad to know that they are extremely happy as soon as we took over the product Please hear what Mr. Chris Keanski has to say “Expertise in cold storage & transportation is very rare with many IT companies. TCTI exactly knows how to put processes in place before suggesting a solution. It helped our company to have the maximum ROI over a very short period of time. I would recommend TCTI to every potential customer who wants to convert their age old computer systems into sate of the art technology ERP with a very reasonable budget”

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