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Transportation & Logistics Management

With the current economic climate, companies in the transportation industries are facing a tough road ahead. Larger companies struggle with organizational issues and managing a large workforce. Systems are often complex and disconnected. With consumers making cutbacks in spending, revenue has taken a hit. Budget constraints are holding back innovation and expansion while the consumer is demanding more value for their money. Lower cost competitors are entering the market, creating more intense competition. TCTI can help leverage IT investments to bring innovation and a competitive edge.
Our Experience:
TCTI is also providing long term support and maintenance for many transportation & logistics companies allowing them to continue to provide transportation services throughout various IT projects and initiatives.
Our Services:
TCTI uses industry experience with major clients to provide services that make a real difference in a company. With our business and IT solutions tailored to the unique needs of a company, it is possible to work within tough budget constraints and operate more effectively.
Our transportation practice offers many services, some of which include:
  • IT Strategy Consulting – Moving forward requires the right systems and strategies. TCTI can identify the right systems to meet a company’s individual needs. We will then work with a company to properly plan and carry out the implementation process from beginning to end.
  • Systems Integration – Integrating systems can pose a lot of problems without the expertise and experience TCTI brings to a project. TCTI consultants can integrate systems to bring uniformity to business processes across large networks.
  • Data Warehousing – Data warehousing solutions can bring information together for easier analysis. Better analysis of information can allow for improved customer segmentation and scheduling to maximize profit.

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