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In order to stay competitive in the technology industry, a company needs to not only be prepared for changes at the drop of a hat, but also be able to create that change. The rapid rate of advancement in the industry means time-to-market can be the difference in leading the trend, and falling behind. The increasingly dynamic industry needs to cater to the needs of an increasingly sophisticated consumer. While important, innovation itself does not guarantee success. A company must have solid practices in place for all aspects of business. TCTI can provide the services to make that happen.
TCTI works with all sizes of businesses. For a small business, TCTI provided consultants to work with the client to implement a Quality Management Plan with regards to its programs, products and services across their offices.
Our Services:
TCTI’ Technology practice has an in depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities of the industry. Our consultants will use their experience to make sure our clients have all the pieces in place to be on the cutting edge of technology.
Some of the services offered by our Technology practice include:
  • Strategy Consulting – TCTI can help companies develop business roadmaps, and ensure they have the right resources, standards, and processes in place to execute those plans..
  • Product Lifecycle Management – Product life cycle management is essential in an industry with such short life cycles. With the right tools to manage innovation from beginning to end a company can decrease time-to-market and keep customers satisfied.
  • Application or Platform Integration – We work with many partners and platforms to make your integration project a non-event. We help our clients to integrate their systems to increase the efficiency and productivity of your people and business.
  • Testing Services – TCTI consultants can provide quality assurance and testing services that offer confidence and help avoid downtime by finding issues before they become problems.

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