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Healthcare providers today are facing intense pressures to improve both quality and accessibility of the care they provide. With the costs of healthcare growing at a rate significantly faster than GDP, putting downward pressure on profit margins, it is nearly impossible for companies to keep up. In addition, the demand for healthcare services is also expanding with increasing needs of the aging US population. With healthcare reform on the horizon, the future of health policy is uncertain.
The challenges faced in the industries today will only increase in coming years. To succeed in this arena companies must be able to overcome all of these challenges to go above and beyond to provide more efficient and more effective health care for more people.
Our Experience:
TCTI consultants provide project services to many health care services companies. TCTI help them to implement a system to optimize pharmacy performance, assisting in the training of medical professionals across the country and our consultants are also managing in the front-end implementation of a set of solutions to improve business processes for an end-client.
Our Services:
Our Healthcare IT Services offers services tailored to your specific needs, some of which include:
  • Platform and Application Integration – With the push towards a universal healthcare infrastructure, interoperability of programs and systems will be increasingly important. TCTI can makes sure that all of your systems work together smoothly and efficiently to help you get the most out of your IT investments.
  • Data Warehousing – Healthcare providers need effective data warehousing to integrate the information found across disparate systems. Information in a common location can speed up critical decision making and speed to market.
  • Data Security and Access Management – In order to manage sensitive information, proper protection and security is a necessity. TCTI can work with your existing systems or implement new ones so that the right information is accessible by the right people and no one else.
  • Reporting and Regulation Compliance – The right software solutions can provide support in the government reporting and regulatory compliance process. With the right solutions, companies are free to focus on patient care.
  • Business Process Outsourcing – TCTI can provide business process outsourcing support specifically tailored to individual companies. Support in the right areas can lead to an all around more efficient business at a lower cost.

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