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When working with education organizations, the challenges faced are unlike those of any other industry. The battle with controlling costs is intensified by the challenges of working with a tighter budget. Technology is often out-of-date, and IT investments frequently fail to deliver. The organizational structure is often far more complex than would be seen elsewhere, leading to inefficiency in business practices. With the increasing demands of the public, those in the industry struggle to maximize public value and do more with less. There is great potential for improvement in the future with increased funding into IT & Telecommunication technologies.

Our Experience:

TCTI has experience in a wide range of projects. Many higher education institutions maintain term contracts with TCTI for ease of procurement of information technology products and associated technical services. TCTI can provide turn-key solutions through most of these contracts. Our long-standing ties to our customers, and dedicated sales teams, serve as your assurance of quality, both now and in the future

Our Solutions:

TCTI can offer services that will bring efficient business practices to education organizations. Our consultants recommend solutions to the problems encountered, and ensure that projects are seen through to completion to deliver the most from investments.

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