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TCTI uses a world wide employee recruiting and retention model which allows us to recruit and retain employees with the highest levels of technical and functional capabilities.

TCTI focuses on hiring experts with in-depth industry experience, excellent qualifications and comprehensive technical backgrounds. We use an internal technical evaluation and improvement program that constantly monitors and enhances the technical and functional capability of our consultants through continued education. Our recruiting process is one of the most thorough in the industry. We hire good people and only good people!

Some of the steps we go through during our recruiting and hiring process are:

  • Detailed resume match by technical and functional experts - Once a candidate passes our first level of communication and presentation skills testing; we have a screening process where we use the initial weight-age matrix to do additional screening of:
    • Required Skills
    • Desired Skills
    • Technical Competency
    • Communication skills
  • Screening Interview - This interview process is conducted in 2 - 3 steps to identify the skills of the consultant. This screening interview covers all the below points based on customer preference and our internal weight-age, which is normally:
    • Required Skills - 100% Match
    • Desired Skills - 50% to 75% Match
    • Technical Competency - 8 or above out of 10
    • Communication skills - 8 or above out of 10
  • Background Check - The final step before making an offer is background check. Background checks include employment verification and then criminal check.
  • Client Interview - Once a candidate has pass the above steps we send their resume to the client and set up a client interview - This way we ensure quality in every candidate we provide.

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